The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) recently appointed Grove Teates, founder of Alpine Services, Inc., to its subcommittee on new standards.

STC, a trade organization based in Atlanta that represents companies associated with the synthetic turf industry, strives to keep its members current on turf technology, standards and best practices.  Council members meet twice each year to learn new concepts, network and discuss common issues and challenges.

“I was selected to serve on the subcommittee specifically to update STC’s grading specifications that will be promulgated to synthetic turf athletic field design and construction firms,” said Teates in an interview at his Gaithersburg, Md. office. “I felt honored to be asked to serve.”

The new specifications will include the grading standards that Alpine has been using for years, according to Teates.  “This is a ratification of Alpine’s work and will become the Synthetic Turf Council’s recommended specification for all new construction.”