A new athletic field installed by Alpine Services

Athletic Field Solutions

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Over the past several decades, Alpine Services, Inc., a family owned and operated business, has become a respected provider of  athletic field construction and renovation, heavy snow blowing and subbase grading services.  Our service area includes the contiguous 48 states.

We built or rebuilt athletic fields for the LA Angels, Washington Redskins, Colorado Rockies and Kansas City Chiefs, among many others.

Alpine cleared deep snows and helped restore commerce along interstates and in municipalities during some of our nation’s worst blizzards.

Alpine also graded the soil and stone subbases in large buildings that were under construction in preparation for poured concrete floors.  Precision-grading a pad-site building’s subbase saves significant time and materials.

In addition, we improved playing conditions and prevented an untold number of injuries by screening hundreds of acres of athletic fields, horse tracks and beaches eliminating stones and other debris.

Our four main service offerings

Athletic Field Construction

Alpine has earned a reputation for grading to standard-setting tolerances, designing free-flowing drainage systems and above all, producing some of the most aesthetically and technically outstanding athletic fields in the world. Our past projects include construction or renovations of fields for the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, LA Angels, Bowie Baysox and Long Island Ducks.
Grading subbases for slabs - Alpine Services

Grading Subbases for Slabs

Alpine Services applies all the technology and expertise it developed over many years to the preparation of soil and stone subbases under concrete slab floors.  By precisely grading the subbase under a pad-site building, Alpine can help general contractors save significant time, materials (stone and concrete), and money.  This work can be done before or after walls and a roof are erected.

Soil and Beach Screening

Many athletic fields, horse tracks and beaches are polluted with stones and other debris that pose hazards to athletes, horses and others.  We developed a minimally invasive, novel way of screening soil and sand that removes foreign matter down 4” without destroying the surface. Alpine's soil and beach screening method is a very cost-effective way to protect athletes and reduce liability.

Large-Scale Snow Removal

Alpine specializes in large-scale snow removal by providing big blowers with a minimum time for mobilization.  Each blower has its own lowboy trailer plus service trucks that carry extra parts, people, fuel, etc.  The trucks and blowers can be dispatched before an anticipated storm, or, if the roads permit, after a storm to deliver the blowers to the area of need.

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