Alpine was asked to develop equipment and methodology to remove vegetation and debris from under the guardrails beside roadways. This sand, silt, trash, and vegetation that “grows” under guardrails holds water on the roadways causing hazardous situations especially in freezing weather. Alpine developed and built the equipment needed and used the Alpine methodology to aid in clearing miles of highway shoulders. Thus, Alpine has the experience in and ability to remove berms in an efficient manner. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

The Problem: Improper water management on the highway shoulder.
The Solution: Develop the equipment and methodology to address the drainage issues.

1. Vegetation and spoil are under the guardrail, precluding water from leaving the highway shoulder.

2. Re-grading and removing berm and growth from under Beltway rail with special equipment and methods.

3. Removing brush and vines from under guardrail—note new slope away from the shoulder.

4. The cleaned area under guardrail.