It is desirable, when needed, to clear wood and vines from areas with the most environmentally sound methodology.  Mulching quickly clears problem areas and leaves a non-erodible mulch on the forest floor. This process can also eliminate the need to haul logs and stump from site. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

Problem 1: A large, unsightly and vermin harboring pile (with stumps) had to be inexpensively changed to a pleasing form.
Solution 1: Grind it all!

1. The large pile of wood waste before mulching.

2. One of several stumps that resided in the pile being ground into chips.

3. The completed job where ugly was changed to pleasant.

Problem 2: Vegetation blocked the desirable view of the Bay in pictures 1 and 2, as well as the usability of land in pictures 3 and 4.
Solution 2: Mulch the vegetation.

1. Vegetation blocks the view.

2. This solution produced the desirable view of the bay and a layer of forest mulch.

3. This photo depicts the contrast between the cleared and the uncleared forest.

4. The demarcation line between cleared and uncleared ground is shown here.