Alpine has the ability and the experience in building horse arenas, solving water problems in horse paddocks, arenas, and pastures, as well as removing buildup under fences and against barn walls in inside arenas. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

The Problems: Equestrian facilities usually have significant water issues; water running onto the arena, water running into a holding area, etc. Additionally, arena edges and footing have problems; edges are lost, and the footing is kicked under fences, into corners and against the side of the building.
The Solution: Alpine’s unique tools can pull footing back to where it can be reached with the usual drags, find and re-cut edges, and otherwise correct issues that have been put off or delayed for years.

1.Finished swale with berm: berm keeps surface water from overloading the swale and the swale keeps water from washing across the arena as it once did.

2. Berm of footing in front of fence, soil berm under arena fence.

3. Removing soil/footing berm from under arena fence.

4. Cutting old silt and footing berm out—note traces of old arena footing material under the layer of silt.

5. Cleaning and grading lost arena side boundary.