Sitework will vary from removing vegetation and stumps, to digging holes, to digging footers, to removing concrete, etc. The work is varied and presents many different challenges. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

The need is to clear a hedgerow of trees from work area.

Trees are stacked for later removal.

Removing a rock when installing a utility ditch.

Sediment control pond that is being dug to specified grade and shape.

Topsoil is being removed for a patio expansion. Note how Alpine’s machine does not tear the lawn.

Soft soil necessitated overcutting of the footer to achieve full load-carrying ability.

The Problem: Clearing an old building.

Before: Concrete rubble, concrete pillars and a building that must be removed from the site.

The building is gone but the concrete remains to be removed from the site.

After: The building site is final graded and ready for re-use.