Swales are one of the most inexpensive means to move water from areas where it is not wanted. Please read below to see a few swale problems we have solved. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

Problem 1: Water runs from a long driveway and stands in front of a machinery shed.
Solution 1: Alpine uses its lasers to lay out slopes and swales, and its specially-designed excavator attachments to install swales and French drains.

1. Installing a swale in the wet area; layout and slope established with laser control.

2. Continuing the swale to drain ditch behind machine.

3. Completed swale with French drain ditch installed.

Thank you. The swales are working beautifully. Since you designed and constructed the water management system, there has been no standing water in front of our shed. Additionally, you diverted water away from our barn that was likely going to undermine the footings and cement slab. What an accomplishment! Your knowledge and understanding of controlling water flow was evident from our first discussion of our issue.

Your timely arrival to meticulously implement the plan and professional manner made working with you a pleasure. If you should need to show our system to anyone considering a similar system, feel free to reach out to us. We highly recommend you and Alpine Services for the development and implementation of a water control system.

Again, thank you for being a problem solver.

Kathryn Burruss, Burruss Farm

Problem 2: Water stands next to these building foundations; the area remains wet for long periods.
Solution 2: Install a swale to receive water, move it away and out from foundations.

Install a swale to receive water, move it away and out from foundations.

Problem 3: Water runs down slope and into the green building.
Solution 3: Change the grade on the slope to re-direct surface water.

1. Beginning grade change.

2. The slope is changed, the area in front of the building is raised and water flows around the building.