Alpine’s unique machine allows it to do work that would be difficult with any other machine.  It can move on driveways without damage, and can shape (sculpt) soil without significant hand labor.  This machine allows it to replace up to four laborers on a given task. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size.

Problem 1: The builder left no room for a swale, hence water ran down the driveway and into the garage; limited access for a new bank.
Solution 1: Design new swale with bank adjustment.

1. Beginning of Project—design a swale to intercept water from higher areas. The swale is marked with orange paint; the bank will need to be cut back.

2. The establishment of the new swale and the new bank location and slope.

3. This shows the compound slope on the new bank with wide swale and berm on top of bank. Alpine’s pivoting grading blade on the excavator boom permits the fast grading of such slopes.

Problem 2: A bank required a new slope and finish grade that could only be accomplished from the top of the slope.
Solution 2: Bank was graded from the top with Alpine’s specialty grading blade.

The unique grading blade was used to establish the new slope on a bank  and grade same; there was no access from the bottom of the slope—all work had to be done from the top.