Alpine Services, Inc. - Multi-skill ConsultantThe Problem

A client needed a multi-faceted consultant to help establish a compost processing and marketing venture. The client needed to know with certainty that approximately 1,000 tons of sludge compost would be removed from two compost sites daily on a long-term basis.

Multi-Faceted Consultant

Grove Teates was retained for a two-year period during which he defined the market segment (on a state/regional level), designed an advertising and marketing campaign, hired sales and staff persons, and designed logistical procedures and workflows, etc.  He also developed a dealer network, solved large-scale material handling issues (both compost and wood chips), and aided with the procurement of difficult-to-obtain items, including wood chips at the rate of 100 truckloads per night at each of two sites.  The resulting multi-facted program was successfully implemented in several states/regions in the United States, and was examined by representatives of several foreign countries.