horse race track soil screeningA prominent horse race track had a problem with stones in its track soil.  The stones posed a hazard to the horses because a stone, when stepped upon by a running horse, can seriously injure the horse and render it useless for racing.  The track was in a bad way because horse owners were refusing to run their horses on the track.  Something had to be done fast.

The track owner contacted Alpine Services for help and we dispatched our Cherrington screening unit and tractor-mounted Harley rakes to the track within 24 hours.  The Harley rakes manipulated the track soil for 18 hours and then the big screen unit started work.

Several small truck loads of stones were removed from the track.  Upon seeing piled stone that was removed from the horse race track, the owners allowed their horses to run again.  These big athletes could safely run without fear of injury — a “win” for the track owner, the horse owners, and the horses.