Large Snow Blowers

Our fleet of snow blowers offers 7,500 tons of snow blowing capacity per hour at your service.

Alpine Services has large snow blowers which are rented with operators to states, municipalities, and agencies, etc., who are experiencing exceptionally heavy snows. The blowers are used to cut back shoulders which are loaded with deep spoil from multiple snow plowing operations. They can safely direct deep, dense snow to the curbside/guardrail, or into dump trucks. See other applications.

7,500 Tons Per Hour

We have expanded our fleet to include a Unimog equipped with a Schmitt blower. The Unimog differs from our other two larger Sicard blowers in that it can travel at road speeds with its blower capacity of 1,500 tons/hr. Thus, it does not need to be low-boy hauled to site and it is much better in applications where there are many areas that need the blower for a shorter period of time. Our fleet of snow blowers offers 7,500 tons per hour of snow blowing capacity.

To solve the concern about the big blowers damaging property with their high capacity discharges, all three of our blowers are equipped with adjustable chutes which allow us to load trucks or to direct the discharge almost at the guardrail or beside the machine, mitigating damage possibilities. This is a significant advantage if the blower must work in areas with nearby housing, etc. This feature is shown on our video (above).

Please check out all our videos including those of blowers operating on Maryland highways and of the Unimog operating on 4 feet of dense snow.

This season seems to be starting warm.  Unusual weather patterns are usually a harbinger of late winter storms. This year’s unstable weather patterns are of concern; yet, I believe that we are ready for whatever Mother Nature can bring.

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