URBANA, MARYLAND. Frederick Area Landscape Contractors and Nurserymen (FALCAN), an industry association in Maryland’s Frederick, Montgomery, and Carroll Counties, teamed with Maryland State Police to convene a truck and trailer safety seminar here on August 10. The seminar was for the benefit of contractors, drivers and anyone who uses trucks and trailers.

The program was taught by Maryland state troopers, was attended by approximately 150 people and included five hours of instruction that covered numerous topics from the hands-on inspections of three types/combinations of trucks and trailers to moving oversized loads, fuel carrying requirements, language requirements for drivers, and load covering and tie-down procedures. Troopers also showed photos of some of the more egregious safety violations, as well as best practices, that they encountered on Maryland highways.

“Most of the emphasis was on trucks and trailers below 26,000 lbs., which are common in the landscaping industry,” said Grove Teates, president of Alpine Services, an athletic field construction and maintenance contractor, who also served as FALCAN’s secretary and master of ceremonies for the seminar.

“Our goal is to ensure that our members are safe and to help them keep in compliance of the law and avoid being ticketed,” said Teates, who helped organize the event. “The group included folks from other trades that pull trailers, such as roofers, fencing contractors and irrigation contractors.”

FALCAN promotes good landscape practices, does volunteer work in local parks, sponsors scholarships and makes other donations to needy causes. The group raises money for these activities by holding a pesticide recertification program each January and a truck and trailer safety seminar each August.

Proceeds from this seminar will go to charitable causes, according to Teates. Check the FALCAN website for more information on upcoming seminars.