Soil Screening / Beach Cleaning

Screening fields-1Athletic Fields

Many soil-based athletic fields are polluted with stones that pose hazards to athletes.  Until Alpine developed a new soil screening method several years ago, removing stones from an athletic field was quite expensive and resulted in severe damage to soil and turf.  Our system allows the top 4” of soil to be loosened and then screened in place!  The clean soil falls back onto the field from the moving screen while the stones and other debris are captured and removed.  The field is then re-graded, seeded and is safe for use for years to come.

Screening Racetracks-1Horse Tracks

Horses are athletes, too, and they also must have stone-free paddocks, arenas, and tracks on which to exercise.  A stone on a racetrack is a severe threat to horses’ feet, especially when they are running at speed.  Soil screening is the answer to keeping these very special and expensive, 4-legged athletes safe.

Beach Cleaning - 2 - Before



Beaches are often contaminated with trash, lumber, trees, oil, etc.  The same screening unit is capable of cleaning the top 4” of a beach in one pass.  The process is quick, easy, and results in a beach that is much improved.  Usually the required equipment can be dispatched quickly and hauled on one 50’ trailer, making it attractive after storms and other disasters.

In all cases, Alpine’s process of screening soil in place is superior to any other method of removing foreign objects from soil.  Alpine is able to support the screen unit with appropriate wheel loaders, excavators (to load trees, heavy objects) and any other equipment necessary to effect prompt and complete operations.

beach cleaning


Removal of stones and debris from your athletic fields, tracks, arenas, and beaches is a necessity for the safety of your athletes and the general public.  To accomplish this in an efficient, effective and economical manner, call Alpine Services.  We look forward to hearing from you.