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Alpine Services Proposes Alternate Approach to Disposing of Snow Mountain at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC

When a winter storm dubbed Snowzilla dropped 19-24 inches of snow on Washington, DC, in 29 hours on January 22-23, transportation officials scrambled to clear the streets. It soon became apparent that the usual method of plowing snow wouldn’t work due to the volume. City leaders had little choice but to truck snow from the […]

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7,500 tons per hour of snow blowing capacity

Alpine Services has large snow blowers which are rented with operators to states, municipalities, and agencies, etc., who are experiencing exceptionally heavy snows. The blowers are used to cut back shoulders which are loaded with deep spoil from multiple snow plowing operations. They can safely direct deep, dense snow to the curbside/guardrail, or into dump trucks. See […]

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Alpine marks 4-year anniversary of Snowmageddon and some of the busiest days ever for its big blowers

Four years ago this week, suburban Maryland experienced the biggest snowfall in its recorded history on February 5–6, 2010.  A three-day snow event that brought 30-50” of snow with significant wind to pile it, dubbed Snowmageddon, paralyzed much of North America.  The Interstate 495 Beltway around Washington, D.C., was impassable with only one lane open […]

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