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Alpine Services is uniquely qualified to solve the most perplexing athletic field problems.  We offer common-sense advice on all aspects of athletic field construction and improvement.  We evaluate sites and give recommendations, review plans, and select and oversee contractors. In the past, we have hired staff for clients’ projects, monitored purchases and deliveries, and verified job performance and completion.  We often provide advice on various methods, value-engineer projects and address problematic athletic field elements. These consulting services are available to you as needs arise.  Engaging Alpine Services for sports facility construction will help you meet your fiduciary responsibility for quality control  – Alpine’s independent consultant will verify reports made by your architects, engineers and contractors.

Athletic Field Consultant - Grove Teates - Alpine Services, Inc.

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Grove Teates is an athletic field problem-solver.  He brings an expert’s eye to every step of the construction process that saves time, money and heartache. Learn how an athletic field consultant can foster a favorable outcome on your next athletic field project.


Grove Teates of Alpine Services has been in the athletic field construction and consulting business for more than 20 years.  Over the years, Grove earned a reputation for innovative thinking and creative solutions.  He has a knack for relating well with people.


Alpine Services goes wherever the needs are.  We consult on athletic field issues nationwide.  Grove Teates brings considerable industry experience to bear on planarity and field performance issues throughout the nation’s varied regions.

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Grove Teats, Athletic Field Consultant, working with a contractor

“Alpine Services, Inc. came highly recommended to me. I was pulling together the details of a multi-faceted construction job with a budget of over $75 million, part of which was a new minor-league-quality baseball field. I needed an athletic field subcontractor that I could trust to handle any difficulty that might arise. I was impressed to discover that Grove could serve both as a professional consultant handling architectural challenges as well as a field advisor shaping a less than prime piece of land into a high-quality athletic field. I never worked with an easier sub. He communicates well and knows how to manage a construction crew. I learned a heck of a lot from him about athletic fields that I never knew – things that I could use on other construction jobs. If Grove tells you it can be done, you can trust him to make it happen. He is a man of integrity. In my business, that’s important.”

Rick Richardson • Corman Construction, Annapolis Junction, Maryland

“Working with Grove Teates was a superb experience! Without Grove’s expertise, I would be out of business. As I neared completion of a 30-acre, multi-athletic field complex, I knew something was wrong. I called the big-name landscapers for help and they referred me to Grove. They said he was “the best in the business of athletic field construction.” Grove walked the field with me and pointed out the deficiencies in the design and workmanship, but then he gave me hope. Grove presented a step-by-step plan of how to correct the athletic fields. He then mediated with the owner to extend time deadlines, and taught me the value of well-thought-out architectural plans and the importance of excellent grading, good soil mixes, and the intricacies of field grounds keeping. I would not begin an athletic field job without first consulting with Grove Teates.”

Goutam Dalal • Maple Construction Company

“From valuable design input during the bidding process, through the difficult trenching operation, and into the final grading and successful sodding operation, Alpine Services consistently delivered an extremely high level of services while maintaining the challenging project schedule. Your cooperation and commitment to quality workmanship were a great asset to the project and were greatly appreciated.”

K. C. Haile • Whiting Turner's General Contractor for North Kehoe Field at Georgetown University

“Thank you for all your assistance in the renovation of the Little League World Series field here in Williamsport. Your work of laser grading the field and spreading all the topsoil and Pro-Mix was of the highest quality and contributed to the end result of a baseball field that will be a showpiece for many years.”

Ron Scott • Director of Building and Maintenance, Little League Baseball Inc.

“Much appreciation to you and your staff for the outstanding work on the Virginia Episcopal School baseball field. I enjoyed getting to know you and work along with you. Your professional approach, knowledge and work ethic were most impressive. I hope you will pass my feelings along to your men.”

Max Meador • Assistant Headmaster, Virginia Episcopal School.

“Our field was one year behind schedule when Alpine Services was called in. As soon as Alpine drove up with their equipment, I knew we had hired the right company to get the job done. I felt confident in their work from the start. Grove transformed it from unusable to excellent in a week! The quality of work was night and day compared to the original subcontractor.”

Tracy Mercadel • Executive Director of Site Services, Algiers Charter School Association, New Orleans, Louisiana