Precision-grading the dirt and stone subbase before pouring a concrete slab can save big dollars!

Alpine Services subbase grading

Alpine Services, long known for precision grading and water drainage solutions in the athletic industry, also saves general contractors’ money by grading the stone base under industrial and commercial building concrete slab floors. A properly graded subbase means less stone and concrete consumption.

If you let Alpine precision-grade the stone base before you pour large concrete slabs for grocery stores, self-storage facilities, schools and retail stores, the volume of concrete can be reduced, resulting in significant savings.

Our grading crew understands the importance of a precise job. Alpine will:

  • Grade your stone base to within one-half-inch over the full span of the work area. Grove, owner of Alpine, developed a special laser more than 20 years ago to insure a precision grade of major league football and baseball fields. Today, he continues to use high-end, state-of-the-art lasers in building athletic fields, which demand extremely tight tolerances and well-defined water drainage. Alpine will deploy the same technology when grading your building’s subbase.
  • subbase-grading-1Work regardless of weather. Alpine has the experience and owns specialized smaller graders and mini-excavators that can maneuver in tight spaces. That means that this grading of stone can be done after the walls and roof are in place during cold weather, or when the construction process necessitates that a building be built after obstructions are installed.
  • Work quickly. Grading the subbase stone for a building 100,000 sf or less can take less than two days and save several weeks of production schedule time.
  • Stand behind our work. We will walk you through the grading process and show you how to take measurements on regular intervals to verify the final grade and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information or pricing.

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