FedEx Field

Alpine Services is involved in every aspect of the construction, heavy maintenance and renovation of premium athletic fields.

Alpine has earned a reputation for grading to standard-setting tolerances, designing free-flowing drainage systems and above all, producing some of the most aesthetically and technically outstanding athletic fields in the world.

Please look at our services to see why Alpine is the best choice for your complete field construction needs.

Construction and Renovation of Natural and Artificial Fields

We’ve worked coast-to-coast building and renovating baseball fields, from major and minor league stadiums, to college ballparks, to municipal parks. Alpine football fields are home to NFL teams, rising college stars, and high school hopefuls. The Alpine team has traveled the country building soccer, lacrosse, and all-purpose fields of every size and shape – even ice rinks, from the local to the NHL level.

The Washington Redskins (FedEx Stadium) and Kansas City Chiefs (Arrowhead Stadium) as well as the California Angels (Edison International Stadium) all call Alpine-graded fields home. The Verizon Center, home of Washington, DC’s, Capitals (NHL) and Wizards (NBA), has an Alpine-graded floor, as does the Ice Palace in Tampa, Florida.  Minor league baseball teams like the Bowie Baysox, Myrtle Beach Pelicans and Long Island Ducks play on Alpine-installed fields.

We also offer construction and precision grading of arenas and rings to fit all training and competing equestrian needs. Each ring is constructed for maximum safety and performance, receiving the same careful attention for which Alpine is known nationwide. While our most obvious achievements are on the surface, we take equal care in the installation of the sub-base and drainage systems to ensure that our arenas and fields remain as functional as they are beautiful for many years to come.

Alpine’s athletic fields are always superior. Why? Because Alpine knows that every field is unique, from its sub-base, to its soil content, to its sod, and is designed accordingly. Alpine researches and presents to the customer the perfect combination of base and drainage materials, soil amendments and sod possibilities to optimize the project before we begin operations. When we agree on a course of action, Alpine completes the project to tolerances no one in the industry has the experience or technology to match.

Precision Grading

Alpine initiated the use of lasers for sports grading in the late 1980s.  Today, Alpine grades to a general tolerance of plus/minus ¼” when measured over the plane of the field (anywhere on the field);  Arrowhead Stadium has one side of the field at plus/minus 1/8” and the other at 3/16″.  Typically, most contractors grade to plus/minus ¼” when measured over a 10’ of surface.  This variation in standards represent magnitudes of difference:  Alpine even grades the bottoms of its drain ditches with lasers to ensure that there is adequate drainage at all times.  No other contractor goes to these extremes to ensure a good field.

Field Options

Alpine offers customers a wide range of options.  Every Alpine field, regardless of type, is designed for maximum performance and receives the same careful attention for which Alpine is known nationwide.  Almost any budget and application can be met by choosing from the fields below.

Field Removal

There  comes a time in the life of every artificial field when it is totally consumed and must be replaced.  Alpine removes the old artificial turf by rolling it in rolls, either with the rubber crumbs in it, or with some of the rubber removed.  The rolls are loaded on flat trailers and re-purposed.  The existing base may be lightly graded to make it is true again (probably more true than it was originally) and to make it ready to receive new artificial turf.  Known base deficiencies can be corrected at this time also.  Alpine can be the best thing to happen to an old field as it is replaced!

Alpine Services is able to quickly and efficiently produce any type of field or surface you desire, and will do so to the highest standards.  Please contact us to discuss your needs from beginning to end.

It’s been my pleasure to work with Grove Teates on several jobs, including most recently the L.B. Landry field renovation. Grove was indispensable as a liaison with the field architect and the owner’s representative. When the Alpine team was finished, the field was perfect – NFL Quality. Everyone was very happy with it.

Marty Kaufman, CSFM
Grounds and Sports Field Manager