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Artificial Turf Fields

Artificial turf fields offer solutions to issues that plague general-use, natural-grass fields —overuse, use while wet, compaction, and more. Natural-grass fields simply cannot withstand the volume of traffic that many fields are asked to endure. Thus, artificial fields have become an answer to today’s problems and consequently their use is expanding exponentially. Although artificial [...]


Drainage problems corrected at Multi-Field Athletic Complex

The Problem The owner of a new 12-field sports complex refused to accept delivery from the construction contractor because of poor grading, drainage problems, and poor grass quality. The overall site plans were very problematic and the plans were not followed well. This newly completed complex had 60’ little league and youth fields with [...]


Athletic fields that don’t drain well need laser grading

Surface conditions often dictate an athletic field’s playability.  Depressions, caused by bad design or wear, hold water which consequently limits play.  This is especially true in spring when snowmelt and abundant rain exacerbate drainage problems. Fields must be precisely graded so that water will run away from the play area and continue past the benches [...]


Avoiding the pitfalls of underground drains

Installing underdrain system in a NFL stadium field Underground drains are commonly used on natural and artificial turf athletic fields.  Unfortunately, significant issues related to drainage systems’ performance are often overlooked in project specifications and during construction.  Here are a few pitfalls you should avoid. Trench bottom grading tolerances Although the depth of an [...]


Alpine’s founder, Grove Teates, selected for a synthetic turf subcommittee charged with developing new industry standards

The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) recently appointed Grove Teates, founder of Alpine Services, Inc., to its subcommittee on new standards. STC, a trade organization based in Atlanta that represents companies associated with the synthetic turf industry, strives to keep its members current on turf technology, standards and best practices.  Council members meet twice each year to [...]


Good athletic fields start with good construction specifications

Many new athletic fields look old and/or do not function properly. Often the “lousy contractor” is blamed for “doing a bad job.” Contractors bid and perform work by specifications that are provided by the owner or his architect or engineer. When these specifications are inadequate or poorly written there is little chance of getting an attractive, properly draining or long lasting athletic field. [...]


3 common water problems associated with athletic fields

Site design and drainage challenges Water is always a concern on sports fields.  The first thoughts on this subject usually include water flows, both up and down, through the soil structure, followed closely by irrigation systems and drainage. Fewer folks think about field and site design for water flow, although these considerations are actually larger [...]